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Although I haven’t had much time to post recently (Editor-in-Chief of the paper and 16 credit hours at school is incredibly difficult) I haven’t felt separated from the planner community. On every type of social media the planner community is present. So every day I’m inspired by all the beautiful, creative, and functional ways people use their planners and it motivates me to keep using my planner which has been my saving grace through everything I’ve been doing. I wanted to share some of my favorite groups and people with you so you can stay inspired too! 


Facebook groups are a great way to get useful information if you have a question or want to really get to know a group of people. The Oh, Hello group is one of the nicest and most inspiring groups to be a part of and I recommend it for any type of people. Kayla and Alex are great people and have built a wonderful and supportive community.

Facebook, oh hello, stationary
The Oh, hello Facebook page truly is a community.

The Paper Planning and Publishing group is a unique group that I joined. I love to write and wanted to incorporate it in my planner which has my life, but I didn’t know how. These ladies have shown excellent ways to do that and always link to new and useful information that spark great ideas. This group is for a specific group of people, but it’s one I like because I haven’t found anything else like it.



Boho Berry, Vienna Ortiz, Ryder Carroll, and Planners and Tiaras always post such beautiful and inspiring photos. They all post about different types of planners so one of them will work for you!

Vienna's Instagram is pure planner aesthetic.
Vienna’s Instagram is pure planner aesthetic.

I don’t follow very many planner people on Twitter, but Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly is so inspiring working as a full-time anesthesiologist and YouTuber. She doesn’t do as much planner stuff anymore but still is inspiring with her what’s in her purse’s.

pss twitter


Obviously, I recommend my Pinterest board. I also follow and get a lot of inspiration from the board Planner organization. Any search of anything planner related on Pinterest is sure to send you down a planner black hole and also want to completely switch up your system fro something different and gorgeous.

planner pinterest organization inspiration


YouTube is probably where I get the most planner inspiration from. There are hundreds of videos for every type of planner. As I’ve had less and less time there are a select few who’s videos just have something special that has kept me watching theirs when I’ve stopped watching some others.

Microscope Beauty (from Kayla of Oh, Hello Stationary Co.) makes videos that are real, engaging, and fresh.

Kayla also does vlogs, makeup videos, and all sorts of other stuff.
Kayla also does vlogs, makeup videos, and all sorts of other stuff.

The Paper & Glam channel created by Lisamarie has in-depth videos that are perfect for sitting down with a cup of coffee and really soaking in. She creates her own stickers and planner as well as hosts a reading group.

Glam Planner, Scribble Prints Co., and Boho Berry are definitely great ones to check out as well.


I can’t always post as much as I want, but hopefully these channels will give you just another way to keep in touch with the planner world. Find the way you love to plan and then just search around! There’s tons of inspiration and organizational amazingness everywhere

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  1. Hi I am only 14 years old but I love love love the idea of planners and bullet journals. I also love reading books , writing poetry, short stories and drawing.😊😃😇

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