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Hey everyone! As you all know, one of my resolutions was to work on my handwriting this year. One blog that I love posted about how she practices her handwriting today and I just took it as a sign that I had to share this blog with you for another Planning Perfection!Just like before, if you read and enjoy my blog then you’ll probably like this one too.

Introducing….(drum roll please)… Boho Berry!!

This blog is run by Kara, who is a big part of the bullet journal community (along with Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine whom I also recommend). I found her on Instagram first and fell in love with her handwriting, spreads and organization. Go check it out if looking at that sort of thing makes you happy.

Her blog is the same. She shares inspiring tips, and overall wellness, along with her absolutely amazing bullet journal. The color scheme of her bog is beautiful and everything ties together so well. I’m always excited when I see a new post from her.

boho berry

Here’s a peak into the amazing bullet journal style that pulled me in.

bb bj bb bj 2

Check out her 2016 set up post here to learn more about these photos and more.

Even though I don’t bullet journal for my daily planning, I still love looking at other people’s to admire their handwriting and style and be inspired from their unique ideas.

I highly advise you to take a look!

Let me know what blogs you love.

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