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As promised, today I’m going to talk to you all about a planner starter kit! This is a good way to get your friends and family hooked on planning, or ideas for anyone looking to find gift ideas for anyone interested in stationery or planning. 

The first thing any potential planner needs is….a good planner! Depending on the person they may want to decorate their planner, or have a nice leather ring bound planner, or a nice midori style notebook. Know who you’re buying for, and buy accordingly.

For the Pretty Planner: 

They’re going to want an Erin Condren eventually more than likely, but they’re just starting out and Erin Condren’s are expensive. They need to make sure they like this style of planning first! So I recommend the MAMBI Happy Planner.

MAMBI Happy Planner

This planner lays things out in three vertical sections with a week on two pages and is similar to the Erin Condren, also any stickers you may get on Etsy will fit here if they fit the Erin Condren!



Now that they have the planner, they need decorations.

I recommend getting them a monthly set. Monthly kits will give them a variety of stickers that will last them through the month with the basics. ScribblePrintsCo, Libbie&Co, and Karolinas Krafts all have great monthly kits. Another great thing to get your beginner though is the Oh, Hello Deluxe Monthly Sampler Kit which gives them a sheet for each month.


Once they have their planner and stickers, they need some washi tape!! Not all planners use this, and I used to use it a lot more than I do now, but it’s definitely good to have just in case and so they can decide if they like it or not.

For the Ring Bound Planner:

This person probably needs their planner to look a little more professional, but still be something they love.

A5 black filofax patent original

Filofax and Kikki-K is expensive, but a Webster’s Pages Color Crush planner is a great option to start with, or a Trufulla Forest planner.

They’ll also want some cute inserts. It depends on what works for them, but SewMuchCrafting has the best inserts I’ve been able to find. DIYFish may be up their ally too, though, and those are printable.

For the Traveler, Artist, and Journalist Planner: 

A midori style planner will be best for this person so they can journal, sketch, and plan on the go all in one beautiful leather bound holder.

I recommend anything by Foxy Fix. Those may be a bit expensive though. Search “fauxdori” on Etsy and you’re sure to find something in your price range. I’ve found with these though the extra price is well worth it for a beautiful piece of leather.

They’ll also want some inserts. Foxy Fix of course has gorgeous ones, but PaperGeekMY also has some good looking ones.

Cute Extras

These are little things that all planner and stationery lovers will use, no matter what planning style they’re in to.

Adorable paper clips just look good and make me happy to look at. The ones from LadyBugOnaPug are so cute.

Planner charm

A planner charm really adds that extra bit of personality to any planner. Mine is from Natalie Shauna Crafts and I couldn’t be happier with it.



Lastly, they need a few nice pens to use in their planner.

Here’s my current week in my EC in a Filofax!

EC november week 23-29

Do you have a potential planner in your life you’re buying any supplies for?

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  1. Hey!! Really enjoyed this post. Your very last picture is of your “EC in a filofax” … That’s your Erin Condran pages in a Filofax binder? How did you make that happen? I like the Erin Condran but I really want a binder so I can add inserts that I want!

    • Scrolled down a little farther and found your post all about it!! Thanks!

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