Erin Condren move in day and what planner to use next year

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The planner company has hopped on an important date for most planners and dubbed June 26 “move-in day.” It’s when people can start moving into their new Life Planners.

Now, this is only for specific versions. Some of their layout options with the new designs don’t start until right before the new year. I know many people are excited about their fresh start but it’s gotten me thinking about what I’m going to use as my planner for the next year.

Erin Condren monthly spreadMy Erin Condren goes until the end of 2017 and I plan on using it throughout then because those things are expensive! But it’s started to feel like it’s not the best option for me to use as a planner anymore. Maybe it’s because for this year I haven’t taken the time to put it in my Filofax, which I know would make me love it, but I didn’t have the time to uncoil, cut down, and punch every page to get it to fit. I think at some point this summer I might do it so I can enjoy it more for the second half of the year.

I really don’t want to keep doing that though. If Erin Condren sold inserts my problem would be fixed, but they don’t and it seems like a waste to me to buy a planner like that just to take it apart.

So what planner do I use?

I’ve thought about going back to a bullet journal, but my life right now is just too full to use a planner that has no structure, no built in marks to flip to certain sections, and something that requires me to build my own structure.

In my dreams, I would buy Elle Fowler’s inserts, but I never seem to catch them when they’re up (and I have money). They sell out very fast. I know she’s working at keeping them in stock but right now they are still only available sometimes. This would give me the Erin Condren feel perfectly mixed with the binder flexibility of a Filofax (and all the cute stickers would still fit).

I’ll keep mulling this over and let you guys know what I decide to do.

What are you going to use as your new planner? And are you going to start fresh in July/August or wait for the new year?

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