iPhone 5 Phone Case Collection and Review

artistic photo of phone cases

Hello, everyone! Today I’m going to share with you my iPhone 5 phone case collection. I recently got the 6 because my 5 was freaking out and not connecting to wifi or the cell tower. So for Christmas I’m going to be giving my little sister my old phone for Christmas to play games on. Over the years of using this phone I’ve gathered white the collection. I want to share it with you and maybe you guys can get some ideas on where to get some cute phone cases as well as what to expect from each one.

Here’s an overview of my collection. I think I left two or three at my home and didn’t bring them to college but these were the ones I used most often.


Picture of 12 phone cases

Starting from the top and going left to right like reading a book I got them from:

Five Below | Five Below again | Christmas Present from my best friend | College IT store sale | Five Below | Five Below

Disney Store in New York | Christmas Present from a secret santa | Five Below | Walmart | College IT store sale | Best Buy

a close up of a black lace phone case



This black lace one was the first one I got for my phone at Best Buy and I popped it on and off, but it probably got the most use. Partly because it was the first and partly because it went with everything and I knew it would give a classy look when I popped it on.


three cases I got from a sale

This case I also got at my college IT store when they were having a sale. You can find it on Kate Spade but this, as well as the two I mentioned above that I got from the same sale were super cheap. I got all three of them for 12 dollars and the Kate Spade cases are normally about 30 dollars for one. I thought that was excellent!

Five Below, or what I like to refer to as an expensive dollar store, is where I got most of my cases. This phone case collection could have been quite expensive but I didn’t have the money for that, so most of them are under 5 dollars each. The cases from Five Below actually did hold up quite well. I dropped my phone quite a few times and my phone never cracked. Although the cases did end up a little worse for wear they did their job.

This case ended up being my favorite I think. I love this quote!!


Let me know which phone cases you like the most in a comment below.




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