The best Apple phone cases and laptop skins

This post is a little late, but I had a project I had to finish that took a little longer than expected on top of the fact that I was sick last week. I couldn’t not post this week though, so better late than never!!

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite phone cases and laptop skins. I think they add really great personalization to something that a lot of people have.


If you’ve seen any of the photos of my laptop or iPad recently then you’ve probably seen the pink marble I have on them. I actually don’t have that laptop anymore and haven’t had time to get a new skin but I still have the one on my iPad.

These skins are gorgeous and such high quality. Like any skin, sticker, or screen protector I would take your time putting it on, but these are pretty easy to put on and the skin is thick. I haven’t noticed any peeling or lifting and I take my iPad in and out of my backpack all the time. They’ve got a bunch of different styles so take a look around and see if there’s anything you like. They have skins, cases and more for laptops, phones, and tablets. I’m definitely not sponsored, I just was super impressed with their quality.

Hardshell case for laptop

These are probably a much better option for protection for your laptop. You can search laptop hard case on Amazon and find tons of options in so many colors and prints. The only problem I’ve found with these, and I’ve used plenty of different brands, is that sometimes the pieces that snap on will break off or the rubber feet on the bottom will snap off. Luckily they’re pretty cheap so when the wear and tear get to be too much it’s not hard to get another one. It also is good if you want to have different colors.


I love this case for my phone. It is super thin so that it doesn’t take away from the design or lightness of the phone. I looked for this because I was tired of my phone feeling so weighed down. And if you drop your phone a lot? Don’t worry, me too. And I’ve dropped my phone plenty of times with this case on and it has not broken (knock on wood). They come in different colors and opacities and I absolutely love it.

The only con is because it is thin, after a few drops the edges will crack. I looked up and found a cheaper option on Amazon that I have on my phone now.


I know this is one of the more expensive options, but the cases they make are very nice. I have their black phone case that I just gave to my fiancé and it looks very professional. I also have their iPad screen cover. They truly fit and work well with the device if you can afford it.

Another cool way to add personality to your devices is stickers. I know some people are huge sticker fans. I have lots that I would like to put somewhere but I just know I would regret putting it on one of my things. I like them to look clean. But I still would love to find a good place for them instead of just letting them sit in a drawer. So if you have any ideas let me know!



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