March Reading Wrap Up

It’s time for my March reading wrap up! I read three books this month but at least it’s more than one! I’m also currently in the middle of five books. At this point, it’s starting to feel like a reading slump but I’m hoping if I stop starting and start finishing I can work my way out of it.

On to the books I finished!

The Paper Magician | 3 stars

cover of the paper magician

This was such a unique read. It’s very short, which is good because at times it seems tedious and predictable. However, the other parts of the story were neat. The world wasn’t very developed but I think within the next few books it will be, there just wasn’t much space for it in this book. An easy read that’s short and still with a different premise than most.

Artemis | 3 stars

cover of artemis audiobook

As I said in my February post, Artemis is one I think I would have loved a lot more if I had picked it up in physical format. I listened to it on Audible and for me, it was just annoying to hear someone’s thoughts instead of reading them in a way that feels more like my own. However, my dad also listened to the audio of it and loved it! I thought the plot was very interesting and in true Weir style, it had a lot of science in it but not in a bad way. If you liked The Martian, you’ll like this one. 3 stars isn’t bad it just means it didn’t blow me away.


Poison Study | 4 stars

cover of poison study paperback

I really liked this one! But as everyone was saying Poison Study┬áis very similar to Throne of Glass. This one did come first and it had its own spin on it. It was a very light, easy fantasy read that was still interesting and well thought out. I’m excited to see how this series progresses. The only thing that bothered me that I hope resolves in future books was the love angle. I pictured the guy as a lot older than I think he’s supposed to be because of the way he acts and is described and it threw me for a loop when feelings developed, and when they did it was very fast. It almost seemed like she didn’t plan for it originally and then started throwing in (not so subtle) subtle hints. We’ll see where this goes with the rest of the series though.

This month I’m going to keep what I’m currently reading to myself in the hopes that I can do I full review at the end of this month!

Have you read either of these books or anything else you loved recently?

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