February Reading Wrap Up

I really didn’t read much this month. I fell into a reading slump of sorts and while I’m currently reading four books, I only finished one this month. I’ll wrap it up anyway and let you know what I’ve thought so far.

The American Heiress | 4 stars

This was overall an enjoyable book but it wasn’t earth shattering. It was a simple read about people in society when an American heiress (obviously) marries a British man with a title and a crumbling estate. It’s predictable, fluffy, and exactly what I wanted. The story was cute, although maybe a little awkward in places, and I liked the way it was written. The conversational tone felt like you were being told a great story about these society people from a friend. I recommend this for anyone looking for something light to enjoy that’s interesting but doesn’t really make you think too hard. It took me a while to read but that’s just because I’ve been finding it difficult to actually sit down and get absorbed in a book with everything else going on right now.  I think if I’d had more time I would have flown through this one in just a couple days.

Just so you know I haven’t completely slacked off I’ll go through the other books I’m currently in the middle of.

In Progress

The Merest Loss is one I got for free on NetGalley that I think kind of put me into the slump. While the plot is interesting, it isn’t very well written. I’m about 42% of the way through this one. I do plan on finishing it but just need to get in the reading groove before I do.

I’m listening to Artemis on Audible and I would honestly say to pick this one up and actually read it. The way Weir writes is very stream of thought from the character and it’s almost cringe-y to listen to. I think if you enjoyed The Martian, however you read that one, then you would like this one. If you didn’t, I would pass because it’s written the same way.

Poems That Make Grown Women Cry is a poetry collection that I’ve been wanting to pick up for a while. I’m really enjoying it but poetry isn’t something I can just sit down and read a bunch of at one time. So I’m taking this one slowly.

Last but not least, I’m reading The Paper Magician. This is a trilogy that Daniel bought me for Christmas. I’m really enjoying this book and I’m about halfway through. If I have just a couple of hours I plan on sitting down and reading this. I like this because it’s different than anything I’ve read lately but I’m not quite sure where it’s heading.

I’ll let you know how I end up liking these after I finish them. Let me know what you’re reading or if there’s anything you think I’d enjoy! Don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads, too.

Also, check out the picture up above of the cabin Daniel and I stayed at where I got some reading done in The Paper Magician. We had a great time.

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