Fall Reading Wrap-Up

Fall is my favorite and with my wedding this year it was even more so! However, that means I don’t feel like I got very much reading done. I’m curious to see it all wrapped up and I feel like I’m about to fly through some books. Honestly, podcasts have been taking up a lot of my time which I don’t regret, it’s just meant fewer audiobooks. 


Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married | 4 stars

I got this book because I have been wanting to read more by Marian Keyes, but I was definitely drawn to reading it at this time because of my upcoming wedding. This book, like all of Keyes I have read so far, takes me longer to read than most contemporaries but I really did like it. I was frustrated by Lucy, but still was rooting for her. The book largely deals with friendship and doesn’t shy away from the more complicated aspects of life while putting a humorous twist on it. If you’re looking for an adult light-hearted contemporary, then I think this would be a good one to read.

The Cruel Prince | 5 stars

I had heard a lot but hadn’t read anything by Holly Black before this book, but I really like it. It sort of reminded me of a mix between The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa and some Sarah J. Maas. It was an interesting fairie read that I don’t think was too overdone. It was an easy read and I’m looking forward to picking up the next book in the series and possibly more books by Black.

Little Fires Everywhere | 5 stars

I picked this up because of all the conversation around it and I really enjoyed the story and the way all the characters lives unfolded. I liked the way the relationships were formed, the writing of the story itself, and really cared about the characters. The story itself left me unsatisfied and with questions. I think it was supposed to though, so I don’t fault the story for that. Overall, it was interesting and I wanted to continue reading to find out more about the motivations and details of these characters.

A Torch Against the Night | 5 stars

I loved this book. It took me so long to read this series but I’m so glad I did. After reading it I don’t think it is overhyped at all. The plot is fast paced and continues to evolve and grow with the characters and the story. It’s heartbreaking and I have become very invested in the story and characters. If you’re on the fence about picking this up I would highly recommend you just read the first one. If you like that then you’ll like this one. I’m curious to see how the story wraps up and I’m in the middle of the final audiobook now.

The Glass Magician | 3 stars

This was a good read, but a light one. I liked this story much more than the first in the series, which I’ve heard a lot of people say. I will definitely pick up the next book but I think they’re best saved for when you need an easy read to get you back into reading. The series isn’t the best and the writing could improve but I like it enough to continue with it.


Crazy Rich Asians | 3 stars

This book was not as good as everyone is saying. I hear a lot of people saying that it’s like candy and you’ll have to read the next two after reading this but I just didn’t feel that way. I left the book feeling like this was an okay read, but that I definitely didn’t need to spend my time on the rest of the series. The dialogue of female characters was so poorly written, and for a book that focuses so heavily on what goes on between the women in the family that wasn’t okay. I think the story itself was interesting but it could have been written better.

The middle of the book dragged for me and I didn’t like the plot developments. It picked up again at the end but I still just couldn’t get on board with the way the women spoke. It’s a light read and very simple to read, but I don’t think this book is worth reading. I haven’t seen the movie, but I think this story would fit better as a movie so maybe go see that if you’re interested.


Kingdom of Ash | 5 stars

The finale! I really enjoyed this conclusion. It definitely didn’t feel as neatly tied as the Court of Thorns and Roses series which I was grateful for. This got back to the root of the characters and really helped developed them. I don’t think it was perfect and I don’t think the characters always did the right thing but I think that’s what is part of what makes the story so good. The threads that have been woven throughout the series came together very nicely. As always, I love Sarah J. Maas’ writing. I’m glad this series has come to a fitting end and I’m excited to read more by her.


What books did you enjoy this fall? I’m hoping to dive into even more this winter.


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