Finish the semester strong

The semester is coming to end, and for me, this is my last semester of college! I’m so excited but this time of year is always extremely busy. You guys know I love lists and today I’m going to share the list that helps me get through the last few weeks and make sure I get everything done. It’s the “all the assignments due before the semester is over” list.

What to do

Gather all your syllabi and a notepad. I haven’t ever done this within my planner because sometimes the list can be long, but if you feel better about that then go for it. Go through each class and write down anything you have to turn in for the rest of the semester. This can be as simple as a discussion you have to submit, a project or a final exam. I think you’ll be surprised by how doable the list actually is at this point in the year. I know I’ve made a daily to-do list longer than my assignments before the semester is over list.

a list in my filofax of all my assignments to complete for the semester

When to do it

Now! There is no better time than right now to make this list. There is enough going on that the list is useful in helping make everything seem doable, but you aren’t too far out that it’s a mile long and seems impossible.

What to do with it

This helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel (the entire college tunnel this semester!!!) and it also gives me a tangible list of tasks I can refer to. Once I make this list, even if I’ve finished my homework for the week, I’m more likely to work ahead to complete my assignments. I can see exactly how much is standing between me and rest and I’m also able to better plan out my time so that I’m not blindsided by how much work that final project is actually going to be.

After looking at my list I see I only have eight things to do before I can graduate. That’s crazy.

I hope this helps! Keep pushing, you’re almost done with the semester! What do you like to do to finish the semester strong?



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