Books I Read in November

Well, November has come and gone and it’s time to do a wrap-up of the books I read this month. I only managed to read two books but made a lot of progress on another, I just don’t think I’ll be able to finish it today. Below I’ve listed all the books I read, in chronological order, and a spoiler-free short review. Don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads!

Christmas gift ideas for the planner, reader and fitness lover

I think it’s close enough for Christmas for me to do my gift guide! This year it’s going to be a mix of fitness, reading, and planning things. Many of these would be great for any young woman trying to get a handle on life. So take notes of what to buy or add it to your own list!

Finish the semester strong

The semester is coming to end, and for me, this is my last semester of college! I’m so excited but this time of year is always extremely busy. You guys know I love lists and today I’m going to share the list that helps me get through the last few weeks and make sure I get everything done. It’s the “all the assignments due before the semester is over” list.

The best Apple phone cases and laptop skins

This post is a little late, but I had a project I had to finish that took a little longer than expected on top of the fact that I was sick last week. I couldn’t not post this week though, so better late than never!!

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite phone cases and laptop skins. I think they add really great personalization to something that a lot of people have.

November Monthly Goals and October Review

I can’t believe that October is already over. This month flew by and it was full of so many amazing (and not so amazing) things! I got engaged, got a job, hurt my back, and loved dedicating time to this blog.

Let’s start with a wrap-up of my October goals.

Books I Read in October

Hi everyone! So one of my goals for this month was to read four books and I am happy to say that I met that goal (thanks in large part to audiobooks)!! Below I’ve listed all the books I read, in chronological order, and a spoiler-free short review. Don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads!

Fall Morning Routine

Hey, everyone! Today I wanted to share a post about how I get ready in the morning with my morning routine. I love reading these posts and have had a consistent enough schedule lately that I’ve been able to actually develop a routine.

photo of my engagement ring, a diamond with a split shank and smaller diamonds around it

He asked, I said yes!

Some of you may have seen me mention Daniel on the blog throughout the years and this weekend he asked me to marry him! I wanted to share with you (and for myself later on) the story of this weekend.

Planning Perfection: Blogs I Love

Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on another blog that I love! If you read my blog you’ll probably love this one, too.

Reading other blogs always provides me with a source of inspiration and relaxation and today I wanted to share an awesome blog by an amazing lady that I’m lucky to know personally.  If you love anything lifestyle or fashion related you’re sure to love Unnordinary.

water bottle, headphones, fitbit alta and a plant

Apps to begin your workout journey

I know summer has come to an end and the time people normally kick it into high gear to get that “beach body” has passed, but for me, this is always the time that working out becomes a priority. Now is actually the perfect time to start preparing yourself for next summer. A lot can happen in about a year and starting habits now gives you enough time to be in the groove of them before the holiday season.