What’s in my work trip carry on?

New York skyline at night

Since I started my job last year I’ve been traveling more often than normal from Dallas to NYC and in that time I’ve tweaked and perfected what I bring with me in my carry on. Read on to find out more as well as some tips and tricks!

Each trip I take a personal carry on as well as small suitcase carry on that fits in the overhead compartment. But today we’re focusing on my personal carry on. 

First I make sure I have my phone, phone charger, headphones, laptop and laptop charger. This allows me to stay connected throughout my trip and have backup in case of a canceled or delayed flight. If I remember to charge it up before I also bring my portable charger.

On my phone, I have the app for whatever airline I’m flying with so that I can get notifications and my boarding pass. But, also in my bag is a boarding pass that I’ve printed out when I got to the airport. I always do this in case my phone dies or something happens so that I have it in physical form (thanks for the tip, Dad!).

I bring a small card holder with my I.D., debit card, credit card, and work AMEX so that it’s all easy to get to when going through security or anywhere on the go during my travel. 

Most importantly, I bring whatever book I’m reading. Sometimes I also bring my Kindle, but otherwise, I bring my iPad mini which I have the Kindle app on as well as Netflix and Hulu.

All of these things help me get to where I’m going. At the airport I’ll buy some sort of drink and snack to have with me. 

What’s your must have for your carry on? 

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