Road Trip!! Grand Canyon, El Paso, Winslow AZ

I’ve never been on a classic road trip and I’m so glad I got to go with Daniel to see all of this. This post is a long time coming (we took the trip in March), but I wanted to make sure I wrote down and got out there how Daniel and I took a trip from Texas to Arizona and back again and the stops we made along the way. Daniel and I have talked about going to the Grand Canyon for years, so it was amazing to be able to take this trip with him. We left on Tuesday night straight from work and drove to Amarillo which was about a 6-hour drive.
part of a steering wheel and a sunset out the window
We stopped for dinner along the way and got in around midnight. We stayed in a small hotel and checked out early the next morning.
Wednesday took us through New Mexico where we stopped for lunch at one of the many stops and shops. We also made it through to it Arizona where we stopped in Winslow to take a picture of a girl in a flatbed Ford ;). We stayed in Flagstaff, AZ and took the night to grab some dinner and relax in the hotel, not in a car.
Thursday morning we were up early to head out to the Grand Canyon!! It was beautiful when we got up there with plenty of sunshine. We got in a few amazing views before it started snowing.
By the time we got to the main guest area it was snowing pretty heavily. We still tried to take in as much of it as we could. When we started heading back down to town it was had snowed enough that we were passing snow plows on their way up to clear roads.
We looked around the town and gift shops and headed back to Flagstaff. We rested up before we started the long drive to El Paso the next day.
The drive the next day took us back through New Mexico and into El Paso where we stayed with Daniel’s extended family and met up with his Dad and sisters.
Saturday we hung out with family, went shooting, and got ready to go to a wedding, which is what brought us out that way to begin with. It was great to meet this side of his family and hang out with them.
Sunday we made the long drive home, about 10 hours. And got home in time to unpack and get ready for the next work week!
Getting ready to head home.
It was tiring and Daniel drove more miles than I can imagine, but it was fun to drive through the different parts of the country, spend time and talk with him, and see the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon, enjoy a wedding, and spend time with family. My biggest tip for a road trip? Bring snacks to stay awake!

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