Hey there, 2019

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It’s hard to believe that 2019 is here but it is, and with that I want to take a second to talk about my goals for 2019. I like looking at what people are trying to accomplish and also getting inspired to find new goals to work towards.

To create good goals I think it’s important to first take a look back at the past year and the goals I had and what I got done. You can find my Goals for 2018 here.

In that post I really outlined a lot of goals for myself with steps I can take to reach them. And while I didn’t hit most of them I do have to take into account everything else that happened to me in 2018.

I moved into an apartment with Daniel in January, started my post-grad internship that turned into a full-time job that I’m at now, I planned a wedding and got married, road tripped to the Grand Canyon and El Paso, and we got our dog, Teddy, and our cat, Zelda. So with all of that, whether I accomplished all the goals I set for myself or not I truly feel like I had an amazing and successful year full of wonderful changes.

2018 review


I can’t hold a conversation in Spanish, but I have continued learning and am getting more confident in the language!

Coding was something that really took a back seat this year. I didn’t practice it at all and only used it when switching my domains and refining my blog and portfolio.


I’m proud to say I accomplished all of my goals in this area! I got a job!


I didn’t finish my story or start edits on it, but I did dive back into it and make progress and I’m confident that I’ll make even more progress this year.

Blog 2x a week wasn’t something I was able to do, but I do feel like I put more time and effort into the blog more consistently throughout the year than I have previous years.


I probably backtracked more this year than made any progress but we’ll talk more about that later.


Let’s just say I’m making progress. Daniel and I have taken on ALMOST all of the bills for our life and we’ve continued to pay off things where we can. It’s been a change and I’m still looking forward to getting rid of loans! There are a few lower amount student loans of mine that I’m hoping to pay off this year.


I didn’t finish reading through the bible but Daniel and I found a church that we want to be apart of and are currently going through RCIA to hopefully become full members around Easter 2020. My prayer life has also grown immensely this past year. I still have room to improve here but I know I’ll get there. I have made a lot of progress, certainly more than expected.

Me and bridesmaids laughing before wedding

2019 goals

So obviously 2018 was a time a change. I don’t anticipate as many in 2019 and I think this will be more a year of refinement and I’m definitely ready to settle in to a routine a little more.


I’m hoping to finish the draft of a novel. I’m giving myself the option for it not to be the one that I’ve been stuck on! To do this I’ll need to plan, outline, and hopefully actually participate in NaNoWriMo this year.


I’m feeling great about fitness this year. I truly think I have the chance to create a routine to life that allows me to really get back into it. I’m hoping to get back to a healthy weight, run another 5K and as a stretch goal… run a 10K too!


I’ve set my goals a little more realistic here this year. I’m aiming for 2 posts a month at least and grow by 50 unique readers. Kind of going along with this I want to improve my photography.


As I mentioned before I’m hoping to pay off some of my smaller loans and start saving money for a house!


My goals haven’t really changed here. I want to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish and I think I can do this by practicing with Daniel and using Duolingo.


I want to read 52 books and finish reading the bible. In 2018 I read 29 of that 52. I wanted to set the same goal for myself this year though because I feel like it’s a goal I can hit and really want to. Hopefully this is a better reading year and I think I’ll have more time to do that!

What are some of your goals for 2019?

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