Goals for 2018

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I know that it’s already February but I wanted to post my goals anyway because goals can be made at any time! So whether or not you’ve been doing well on your goals for 2018, fell off, or haven’t made any yet, I hope this post will provide some ideas for things to aim for this year.

I have a ton of goals and I’ve broken them up by category and then created steps I can take to accomplish my goals. I like doing this because it gives me things I can do every day that will amount to something bigger but I also have a bigger motivation that pushes me to make those daily changes.


-Spanish: Be able to hold a conversation

  • -Duolingo everyday

– Speak with Daniel 2x/week

-Coding: learn JavaScript and PHP better

  • -Codecadamy courses
  • – Update portfolio


-Get a salaried position

  • -Complete internship
  • -Apply
  • -Update resume


-Finish story and start edits

  • -Outline
  • -Write 1x/week
  • -NaNoWriMo

-Blog 2x a week

  • -Make schedule
  • -Bulk write
  • -Take bulk photos
  • -Schedule content


-Run a 1/2 marathon

  • -Eat healthier
  • -Start with exercising 3x a week and work up
  • -Slowly start a training program
  • -Sign up for a race


-Pay off laptop

  • -Check amount due
  • -Pay necessary monthly

-Start paying off debts

  • -Make monthly calendar payment plan


  • -Check goals and document progress


-Finish reading Bible

  • -Read everyday

-Get closer to God

  • -Pray daily
  • -Find a church


-Read 52 books

  • -Read a little every day

Some of these goals I have started and some I haven’t but hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have accomplished all of these. I think it’s doable, it’s a just a lot of improvements to make! With a new puppy and planning for a wedding, I know things can get crazy but I’ve already started working on my money and fitness goals and am chipping away at my writing goals so that I can get fully started on them.

I’m super excited for this year. What are some of your goals?

Also, should I bring monthly goals back starting next month? Let me know if you enjoyed reading those!



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