Year in Review

As I mentioned earlier, as part of my fundamentals of digital and online media class I’m taking for my journalism major, I was going to be submitting and using my blog for assignments in class. My last blog related assignment is to take a look at what was and wasn’t successful this year and I thought this would be a good time to share with you all how I’ve done this year and the final wrap up for this class.¬†

Not to worry! I will continue blogging even after this class is over. I enjoy doing this and hope you all enjoy reading.

The most effective tools for me this year were Pinterest, where I could reach people based on followers I already had for my planning board, Twitter, where I could reach my friends, and Instagram, where I could tag many of the people I mentioned.

However, Facebook was not effective for me because many of my friends of family, although they support me, may not have been interested. They may have shown their support with a like but not by consistent reading.

Going forward I hope to create a schedule and blog more consistently. Now that I’m done with the class I feel like I will be able to expand more into other subjects that I’ve wanted to write about but felt that I couldn’t so that I could remain “on topic” for this class.

Overall, this experience has shown me how to connect and market myself, as well as create (or in my case continue to build) a website that has taught me valuable skills as I hope to go into web editing and management.

Now onto analytics.

My most popular week was the week of November 16, when I posted the How They Plan post with the video showing someone else explain how they plan and why they like it. This post had 119 views and 351 sessions that day. This post also happens to be my most popular post of the year so far with my Planner Starter Kit coming in second.

analytics overview

I think this post was popular because it was the first video I published on my blog. Hopefully I can post more videos here and there to continue to gain new audience members and reach people who would prefer to listen and watch the information that read it.

It was good to have a reason to blog weekly. I think it really got me in to a habit and made me realize I could do in-between everything else. I made my blog more user friendly and found a name and theme more suiting to my brand.

It’s been a good experience!

I’ll see y’all next week!

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