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Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about the stickers I like to use when I plan in my Erin Condren. This will help give you all the information you’d want for next week when I will be showing you how I plan!

Monthly Stickers

Stickers get to be expensive fast…. and for that reason I don’t have all the stickers I would want in a spread, but I make do with what I have. I would recommend starting with monthly kits for your first set of stickers. Monthly sets will give you functional stickers with a few decorative so that you can make do for the month.

I’ve tried out a different monthly kit each month because I’m trying to decide which one I would like to keep ordering. So far I’ve tried:

Oh Hello Stationery Co. 

Stickers Oh Hello Stationery Co July Erin Condren
Oh Hello July Monthly

This was a great first sampler. I love the personality of Kayla and Alex who own the shop. They’ve also recently started a website off of Etsy that you can find here. These stickers are excellent quality, although a bit thick, so beware they could bulk up your planner fast. I do believe they just recently changed the sticker paper they use though and it’s thinner now.

Karolinas Krafts

Karolinas Krafts Erin Condren sticker monthly kit
July and August monthly kit from Karolinas Krafts

I really love these kits. They include plenty of to do checklist and full box stickers which are great for my to-do list heavy schedule. The only reason I haven’t just stuck to buying these for my kit each month is because they are SO expensive, at least to me. $30 a month for some stickers (and not even all the ones I’d use for that month!)  is just not doable. They are great quality though and have everything you could need. They do come in smaller sizes, but I find those don’t have quite the right mix of things I would want.

Glam Planning (Fabulously Planned)

Glam Planning August kit

These stickers have a much more paper-y feel to them than the other stickers I have, which some people may like. I don’t have a strong like or dislike for that. This monthly kit wasn’t for me, just because the icons were so large. I do love some of her other stickers though! She also recently changed her name to Fabulously Planned.

Jolanie Jolie Designs

Jolanie Jolie Monthly kit
Jolanie Jolie Designs September Kit

These stickers are good quality and I definitely love the quality. You get a lot of useful things for a reasonable price. I think the only reason all the stickers aren’t gone is just simply because I didn’t like September colors, but that’s an Erin Condren issue, not a Jolani Jolie Designs issue. I may actually try ordering from here again. I liked the thickness, cut, and quality of the stickers as well as the designs it came with. I think this may also be a good place to start if you’re looking to buy your first stickers.

Pink Popsicle Studio

Pink Popsicle Studio October Kit
Pink Popsicle Studio Pumpkin Spice Kit

I love this shop!! I just recently got my order from her and immediately had to use this. Although it’s not technically the October kit, the colors match with the EC. These stickers are thick and glossy but I really like them. There was actually another sheet of full box stickers but I have used them all already. Definitely recommend. The stickers shipped fast also.

Scribble Prints Co.

Scribble Prints Co. October Kit
Scribble Prints Co. October Kit

I am super excited to truly use this kit. I’ve used a couple of stickers but look forward to doing a whole spread with it. There’s no doubt these stickers are gorgeous and the quality is great. There’s a reason Andrea is one of the most loved EC sticker sellers. I will let you know more about my thoughts on these after I use them!

Libbie & Co

Libbie & Co October Monthly kit
Libbie & Co October Monthly kit

I love Libbie & Co stickers. The quality is a neat vinyl and they look great. The only issue with these stickers is that the full boxes come up just a sliver short of fitting into the EC boxes. I definitely still recommend you try something from her shop. One of the things I love is you get an actual full paper size sheet of stickers, not a tiny piece.

Functional Stickers

After you try out some monthly kits I would recommend moving on to some functional stickers. You’ll figure out the types of things you would like stickers for frequently as you plan more. For me it’s working out, writing, and school work so those are the more specialized stickers that I ordered.

Workout Stickers

Workout Functional Stickers
Workout Functional Stickers

I love putting these stickers in my planner to keep me on track with working out. I have some from Karolinas Krafts, Pink Popsicle Studio, and Libbie & Co (the tear drop yoga ones were actually not the ones I ordered but she quickly sent me the correct ones and I actually love both!).

School Stickers

School functional stickers
School functional stickers

As a sophomore in college one of the biggest uses for my planner is keeping track of school work. These stickers from Karolinas Krafts and Pink Popsicle Studio are great for noting important due dates and having them stand out.

Housework Stickers

House Work Stickers
Housework Stickers

These stickers, all from Libbie & Co, are great for tracking payments, cleaning and just general to-do. I find myself reaching for these stickers all the time. The cleaning and bill due sheets were some of the first stickers I ordered.

Other Necessities

Misc necessitiies
Misc necessitiies

These stickers from Libbie & Co, Karolinas Krafts, and Glam Planning (Fabulously Planned) are ones necessary for my life. I put in the plan stickers every Sunday to make sure I get ready for next week. The doctor one’s are just good to have and I use the typewriter stickers to mark writing and sometimes work related to-do’s. The baseball one’s will be put to good use in the spring when the season starts back up. My brother is on a select baseball team and let’s just say that’s our life when the season is on. I looked at a lot of different ones but these were definitely the cutest.


Coffee Stickers
Coffee Stickers

These stickers from Glam Planning (Fabulously Planned) and Karolinas Krafts are necessary ‘cuz, well, coffee. Am I right?

Decorative Kits

Once you’ve kind of got a hang of the basics for how you like to plan you can start branching out into the more decorative aspects of the sticker planning world. There are some wonderful kits but I have really only invested in a Halloween one at this point because I can’t justify spending money on a decorative kit when I’d rather have more functional icon stickers. There are tons of beautiful ones out there though.


Pink Popsicle Studio Halloween Set
Pink Popsicle Studio Halloween Set

I already said how much I love Pink Popsicle Studio and that’s why I can’t wait for Halloween so I can use these! They’re adorable and I’m glad this is my first decorative kit because I think it’s a good one that includes all the things you’d need for a spread.


There are tons of stickers out there and I think Etsy is the best place to look. Look around and see which ones work best for you. Pay attention to your cart though! Those $4 stickers add up quickly, especially with shipping!

Each shop also has a different sticker quality and people like different sticker thicknesses, ability to reposition, and matte vs. glossiness. Play around with what works for you! What are your favorite stickers?

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