Fauxdori Overview

This is my fauxdori from leatherplannersplus.

Hey guys! This is the first in my three part series that’s going in depth into the planner systems that I talked about in my Filofax vs. Fauxdori vs. Bullet Journal post. Today we’re taking a look into my least favorite of the three, the fauxdori.

Basically, this setup style just isn’t for me. I looked at the reviews and YouTube walkthrough videos thinking at first no, this would be pointless, I already have journals anyway why do I need to put a cover on them. Then I kept seeing the videos and how much everyone loved them and gradually started thinking that it would be great! I could have a separate notebook for everything I wanted all in one place and with a fancy leather cover holding it all together!

So I wanted it, but I had no idea already of what I would use it for. I had no need for it. But I decided to get it anyway to try it out. I got a reasonably priced one on Etsy from LeatherPlannersPlus. It had a ton of options available for customization and I was pleased with what I ordered without having to break the bank.

This is my fauxdori from leatherplannersplus.
This is my fauxdori from leatherplannersplus.

I was so excited when I opened it but I soon realized the elastic was too thin for my taste and the leather was not thick enough or flexible enough for me. I also didn’t have the money to spend on real inserts so I cut down some journals and made my own. With all of this put together I just didn’t love it and I honestly had no reason to use it, as much as  I tried to.

I think part of my problem was that I was using a separate planner so I just didn’t want the extra weight and bulk of carrying something else around.

Don’t get me wrong! If you are a bullet journal-er or can find inserts you like and also want some extra, separate room for notes, then I think this would be great for you. And I think the specific one I got is a great way to try out the traveler’s notebook community without completely investing in it if you’re still unsure.

It’s perfect for perfectly functional people who just need a place to jot down their thoughts and keep everything together. For me, I think I just didn’t get something I fell in love with and I didn’t have a reason to use it.

I know with use the leather will become more flexible and worn but I know it just isn’t for me and I don’t have a reason to use it. I have places and systems set up already that I like for all the things that I was trying to put in there. I’m actually thinking about selling my fauxdori, sadly, but I just know I won’t use it.

If you’re at all interested and (most importantly!) have a reason in mind for it in your life then I think you should definitely try it. It’s also a great way for the guys in your life to get introduced to the planner world with a side of it that isn’t too decorative, although it definitely can be if you want it to be.

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