A New Semester: School Organization

Hi! A new semester just started for me and my schedule is pretty dang full this year. I know most people have just recently started their spring semester if they’re in college, or are back at it in high school so I thought I’d share my school organization and how I get prepared for a new semester.

After I’ve gotten my schedule all laid out how I want it, I look at textbooks I need for each class. I grab the ISBN number and put it in slugbooks.com, a super handy site that grabs prices on that book from all different places to buy and rent. I always find the cheapest prices for my books this way.

If I’m not sure what edition I’m going to need I wait until I get to class and can find out. Usually if a book is in a special bundle at school it’s cheaper to rent or buy the book separately and then purchase the access code. (I hate access codes! SO expensive.)

Then, I lay out what time each of my classes are and where they fit in my week using Wenda from wendaful.com‘s amazing inserts. She has tons more than just this one so go check her out.

class schedule

I then check on a map to make sure I know where all my classes are and that I can make it to them in the time I have.

Now for the fun stuff. I use a notebook and folder for each class in matching colors.

school organization matching notebooks and folders

I always have a pen and a pencil with me. I was using the G-2’s that everyone know and loves but they were skipping or smearing and just overall not working for me. I also didn’t want something that was going to show through the pages of my notebooks. So, this semester I bought a two pack of the uni-ball Signo pens and they are amazing so far! I’ll let you know what I think after a few weeks of use.

uni-ball signo

At this point I don’t have super nice or pretty notebooks, which is why my fountain pen or Staedtler’s don’t work, but the generic Mead notebooks are more than functional enough. I’ve had them the last two semesters and they have held up wonderfully both times so I knew they’d work again for me this semester.

generic mead notebook

And then of course I have my planner where I keep track of my to-do lists and everything else. I also have a moleskine for my intern notebook where I take notes or write down anything I need to remember, and then a generic notebook from Target to hold my daily posts for the newspaper I work at.

filofax planner moleskine notebook

How do you guys stay organized at school?

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