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game of thrones book on an ottoman in front of a butterfly chair

Hey, guys!

Browsing around the internet I came across this really interesting post about Slow Reading Clubs and wanted to share it with you.


game of thrones book on an ottoman in front of a butterfly chair

Slow reading is taking the time to slow down and really pay attention to what you’re reading. You can find more information on the specific definition of slow reading here.

People are taking slow reading a step further now and starting clubs. This organization, Slow Reading Co., has at least one group in many countries and were even written about in the Wall Street Journal.

The groups set up by this organization normally meet in a bar or cafe. Group members show up, grab a drink, turn off their electronics, and then curl up with a book for an uninterrupted hour of reading. Afterwards they can stay and talk with whoever is there if they like. Currently, there is only one group in the US located in Denver but more are coming.

The Idea

This idea isn’t so much about reading slowly as getting away from electronics and actually reading without interruptions. I personally think this is great! I notice a lot of times when I’m reading I’ll get a text, respond to it, and then lose my momentum in the store, or worse I’ll just start playing Frozen Free Fall on my phone.

Some people don’t see the need to go somewhere or be a part of a club to turn off your electronics and read but I think it gives readers a valid reason to give to their friends and family, and a solid time commitment that they can schedule around.

Maybe a slow reading club isn’t the way to go for everyone, but I do think it’s good to find time to set aside and do something you enjoy without the pinging, vibrating, and distractions of technology.

Let me know what you think about slow reading clubs or if you’ve ever been to anything like it in the comments below!




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