Planning Perfection: Blogs I Love

Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on a blog that I love! If you read my blog you’ll probably love this one, too.

I love to sit down in the mornings with my breakfast and read through my blogs and I’m always looking for some good one’s to add to the list.

I follow a lot of blogs that have to do with stationery or sometimes post their weekly spread in the midst but I’ve been on the hunt for one that is purely planning related.

Enter Confessions of a Planner Addict. This blog is gorgeous. Guys, I love the layout and design of the blog. The colors go together well and there’s nothing cluttering up the screen. The blog lets you focus on the posts and I think it’s simply gorgeous (get it, simply?).


It’s written by a woman named Amber whose voice is phenomenal and who has managed to make a cohesive, interesting blog.

Besides the initial feel and look of the blog, the content is great. It’s all about planners and useful information and printables for organization. Her posts are laid out in a way that’s easy to take in the information and with pictures to show what she’s saying.

I just love the overall feel and the way this blog comes across, not to mention how interesting I find the information and Amber’s opinions on planners and planning.

Amber designs her own printables as well that she sells in her Etsy store. Her designs are all very useful and there’s a wide variety from a party planner to a direct sale bundle.

Although she doesn’t seem to have been posting very often or recently, when she does I like to see what she says.

Remember, a good way to stay updated on when your favorite blogs post is to create a Bloglovin’ account (it’s free) and then follow your favorite bloggers on there. It creates a stream of all new content and is a good way to find other blogs you might be interested in. It’s what I use every morning

Go check her out! Tell me what you think. Do you have any planning blogs you follow?

*(Amber has renamed and restyled her blog logo since I wrote this, but her site is still absolutely lovely! She is now “Organize with Amber” and you can expect to see lots from her in 2016.)

3 Comments on “Planning Perfection: Blogs I Love

  1. This blog looks so great! I love when bloggers I read share blogs they love – I think it’s a great way to find new blogs because if I’m reading this read, I’m probably going to enjoy a lot of the blogs the writer reads. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh my gosh! I was just checking my Google Analytics and saw you as referral source. THANK YOU so much for loving my blog! 2016 is going to be a BIG year for my blog as I wrap up Grad school and can dedicate more attention to it. I recently just renamed my blog and redesigned my logo, I kept the same, clean layout though. I just followed you on Bloglovin’ and can’t wait to read more from your blog.

    • I’m so glad my post has lead people to check out your beautiful blog! I put a note at the end to let people know about the update to your name and logo. I can’t wait to see what you come out with in 2016!

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