Personal Filofax Overview

This is how I have decorated the inside of my personal Filofax so far.

This is the planner that I was using, and really loving, for about half a year. I got this planner for Christmas and used it from January to July. During that time I played around with trying out a bunch of inserts and tweaking the system to find what worked best for me. I was constantly changing it as I found new things.

I have the Filofax personal patent original in fuchsia. This is a beautiful planner. The color is great and I personally love the feel of it. It has a sort of protective shiny coating on the leather so that it’s easy for me to wipe off if I get something on it. Since I throw it in my backpack and purse and take it everywhere this is super useful. I love the quality of the planner itself and the style of it.

There is a lack of pockets but that was fine for me since I never know what to put in those pockets anyway. The one thing I would say is there are technically two pen holders, but one of them is in a spot that if the pen you want to put there isn’t super thin, then it will seriously bulk up the middle of your planner and make it an odd shape.

dashboard setup in my fuschia personal filofax
I have a Project Life card hooked on to the pocket covering the second pen loop

I started out using this planner with monthly and daily inserts I got off of Etsy from SewMuchCrafting and TheDelightfulDeer. I loved both of these. The paper quality that my monthly inserts were sent to me on were excellent and it looked how I wanted. I spent forever searching for a monthly layout that utilized all the space of a personal size sheet of paper and without a ton of decoration on it.

monthly personal filofax insert

The daily inserts were great, allowing me to keep a running daily to-do list (which I’ve discovered is a must have in my life) and also note my daily schedule and anything upcoming. I found I just wasn’t using the schedule part in a way that was productive for me and I felt like the lines on the to-do list were too short for me. I needed just a to-do list.

After watching a video by Belinda Selene showing how she uses notepads from the Target dollar spot for her daily to-do lists, I couldn’t help but try it out!

daily to do list in personal filofax

I loved this set up and used it the longest. It had a monthly overview that I needed for class assignments, it was easy to just hole punch the lists and slide them in, I could throw them away when I was done, and then I also had separate sections for lists and work. It was exactly what I needed.

This method was easy to keep up with and helped me get everything done. I loved being able to switch out what I needed whenever I wanted, being able to personalize it with cute dividers and accessories along with the great feel and quality of the binder.

I think this system is great for anyone who wants to have sections and really this planner can be great for anyone because it can be changed and redone whenever you need to or find something that works better for you. It can be a bit of an investment for the actual binder, and the decorations can be expensive. But I think the one time cost of the binder is worth the excellent quality  and the inserts don’t have to be expensive, that is all up to you.

Although I’m not currently using this planner I still really really love it and can see myself using it again in the future if my planning needs shift. It’s definitely what I’ll try first because I really was happy with it and it worked well.

So, this is the end of my three planner overview/comparison. What did you think? Which style system do you like best? Stay tuned for my upcoming post on my current system, because of course I caved and bought an Erin Condren.

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