How I Plan: Plan with Me October 5-11

october ec week filled out

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be walking you through how I plan out my weeks for the week of October 5 – 11. 

Every Sunday I sit down and look at all the things that are upcoming for next week and decorate my spread so I have a game plan when I wake up Monday morning. It helps me make sure I’ve done any homework that needs to be done and gets me motivated for the fresh start that a new week brings with it.

This is what my week looks like each time I sit down. Just a normal Erin Condren in a Filofax.


October erin condren spread in an A5 filofax

I flip to the monthly view and look at the assignments coming up and write it out in pencil so that I have an idea of how it will be best for me to lay things out for that week.


After that I just put down the basic stickers I know I’ll need for that week. This includes My to-do’s, checklists, today, and weekend banner stickers. This gives me a spot to write down the necessary things coming up for the week. Basically this is the bones of the week.


october ec with base stickers

After that I start filling in some of the information in pen and putting down stickers for things that are happening each day. These are the things that absolutely have to get done or that are definitely happening on each day.


ec with basics filled out

After I have that I lay down some of the extra things I’d like to get done and the decorations on the bottom as well as some half boxes where I write the food I eat each day.


october ec with footer

Then I look at the days that are busier and the days I have more time and put the workouts I want to do each day. The past two weeks they haven’t happened because I started a new job but I’m determined to start again because I just feel so much better when I’ve had a chance to exercise.


october ec with exercise

This is basically everything I’m going to be doing for the week. I don’t put my school schedule in because by now I know what days I go to each class and when and know that these things need to be done around class.

Then I feel free to go in and decorate and make it all pretty! I add in some more extra things that I like to have written down but aren’t necessary and I fill in the sidebar with a water tracker and grocery list.


october ec week filled out

And ta-da!! That is my completed week. Things get added as the week goes on and the to-do lists get full and more get added.

All the stickers I used are in the first picture you saw. They’re from Libbie & Co, Scribble Prints Co, Karolinas Krafts, and PinkPopsicleStudio. I love all the stickers I used this week! Check them out!

I hope you enjoyed a look into how I plan! Show me your spreads! How do you like to plan?

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