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Hey guys! Today I’m moving forward in my planner collection to show you guys what my bullet journal looked like. I don’t currently use it any more because I switched into my Filofax when I got it, but I did love using it. I think the system is ingenious. If you know nothing about bullet journals, take a minute to watch this video before reading further.


There are tons of beautiful and efficient bullet journal ideas on Pinterest and tumblr to take a look at and get inspired by. I looked around a little bit before setting up mine and then made little changes each month to make the system more efficient for me.

december calendar layout in bullet journal

I ended up drawing a month view like you would see on a normal calendar across two pages before then going into the listed dates of the month and monthly goals. After that I pretty much used it as seen in the video, with a list of stuff I needed to do each day and any notes I needed to remember. Each day I would check my monthly view to see if there was anything coming up I needed to work on and add that on to my list for the day.

daily spread in bullet journal

Sometimes I played around with decorating, sometimes with handwriting, and sometimes I just left it plain, simple, and functional. It was great because it was really whatever I needed from it at that moment and once a day was done it was done. I honestly was very productive while using my bullet journal, which I used just a plain gridded Moleskine for.

I think if I were to get so busy to the point where I hardly had any time I would definitely go back to this format, no matter how much I love what I’m using now, because it just straight up works. It’s not fussy, it just is.

I loved that if I had something come up, or some notes I needed to write, I could just turn the page, write what I needed, add it to the index, and still always have it with me. But I also hated that. I wanted all my notes in one spot and not all mixed in. I think ultimately it ended up feeling all over the place because I wanted too much in it and that’s when it started to stress me out more than help me. So by the time my Filofax came I as beyond ready to switch and have each thing in it’s own spot. That’s the only thing I would warn about with a bullet journal and it’s something I see a lot of people having a problem with.

I would recommend this planner for anyone who’s super busy or wants to keep their planner low key. It just works and gets the job done. You can throw it any bag and it’s completely customizable to what you want it to be. I still totally love this, even though I’m not currently using it.

Have you tried or will you try a bullet journal system? If so what did you think?

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