Planning Perfection: Blogs I Love

Today I thought I’d share my thoughts on another blog that I love! If you read my blog you’ll probably love this one, too.

Reading other blogs always provides me with a source of inspiration and relaxation and today I wanted to share an awesome blog by an amazing lady that I’m lucky to know personally.  If you love anything lifestyle or fashion related you’re sure to love Unnordinary.

A screen capture of the unnordinary blog homepage


Run by Texas State alumna, Morgan Knowles, Unnordinary is clean, refreshing and her writing style is very personable.

Morgan has inspired me with her work ethic to get back into writing for the fun of it and as an escape just from seeing her posts pop up in my feed. It’s also helpful seeing someone just slightly ahead of me navigating the waters I’m about to jump into and know I’m not alone in them.

This girl’s Instagram feed is also ridiculously gorgeous and aesthetic. Check her out @morgandknowles and show her some love.

I love her new work wear Wednesday series because it’s so helpful to see a young professional dressing fashionable while still being business ready and it’s definitely sparking some wishlist additions for my own professional wardrobe. Her tips on motivation and general life tips and tricks are great for anyone.

a photo of morgan in her first work wear wednesday outfit

Let me know if you check out her site and any blogs you love. I’d love to add more to my radar!


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