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Hey everyone!

Today I am putting my blog up on bloglovin to make it easier for all of you to follow me.

I use bloglovin all the time. I use it on my computer, iPad, phone, it just makes it very simple to browse through all of the blogs I want to read as well as discover new blogs that interest me. You can mark a post as read or save your favorite ones so they’re easy to find later!

screenshot of bloglovin page

Seriously, if you’ve never heard of it go try it out! I use it at least everyday. It has a gorgeous, simple, easy to use design. If you like to read multiple blogs this is the way to go.

So…that’s why I’m adding my blog today. To make it easy for you all to read and keep up with my blog along side all the other blogs you read.

Just as a disclaimer they have not sponsored this and do not know about this post at all. All opinions are my own, I just really love this website/app and want you all to know about this brilliant thing that has made me feel much less frazzled.

It really did bother me that I couldn’t remember the name of the website for a certain blog and couldn’t go check to see if something had been posted. Luckily now I don’t have to. This means I can follow so many more, knowing I’m up to date, and get so many more cool ideas and information.

screenshot of phone with bloglovin app

Overall, just go look at it. It won’t do you any harm.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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