Fall Morning Routine

Hey, everyone! Today I wanted to share a post about how I get ready in the morning with my morning routine. I love reading these posts and have had a consistent enough schedule lately that I’ve been able to actually develop a routine.

Good Morning

Currently, I’m working as a web design assistant for a department on Texas State’s campus. I have to be at work by 8 a.m. Every Monday through Thursday but need to leave my apartment by 7:20 to catch the bus to campus to make it on time. This means my alarm is sounding at 5:50. Honestly, I have a few set after that at 6, 6:05 and 6:15 and it really just depends on how tired I am for when I actually get up. Usually, it’s by 6:05 at the latest.

I get up, feed my guinea pigs and use the restroom. Feeding the guinea pigs gets me out of bed and moving in the morning. They start squealing as soon as they hear me move around, so they sort of act as another alarm.

Coffee and Breakfast

I go into the kitchen and get the coffee going. I have to decide if I want a full pot or just enough for a large mug that morning. Usually, I only have time for one cup, even if I wish I could have more. I then will grab something for breakfast because I get shaky if I don’t eat. Usually, I go with some eggs or yogurt. I take that back into my room and look through the blogs I follow on Bloglovin and maybe watch a couple YouTube videos if I made my breakfast quickly enough.

Using this time for myself has become really important to me to start my day out right.  I realized how much better I feel if I just take a little extra time to relax and ease into the day.

Get Ready

If I was being helpful to myself last night I’ll have clothes laid out in my closet, if not I have to figure out what to wear that day. I have to dress business casual for work and I’ve noticed I’ve got a few go-to outfits if I just don’t know what to wear that day. I highly suggest knowing a couple outfits that you know will work for those days you’re running out of time and want to not think about your outfits.

I’ll then go into the restroom and wash my face and teeth, get my contacts in so I can see, and do my hair and makeup. At that point, it’s usually about time to go.

Out the door

I grab a lunch from the fridge if I’ve meal prepped and throw something in my bag if not. Most nights I try to put almost everything in my backpack that I’ll need for the day, so usually, I just slide my laptop, chargers, and water bottle in and grab my headphones and keys. I get my audiobook going on my phone and head out the door.


Holding a coffee mug

I listen to an audiobook if I have one checked out from my library (the Overdrive app is amazing), and once I’m on the bus I like to do my Duolingo for the day. Then I’m at campus and I head to work!

I hope you guys enjoyed this or it inspired you to add something to your morning! What’s your favorite part of your morning?




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